When working with electricals you need to ensure that the supplies are of good quality so that safety does not get compromised for your customers.

Other than offering competitive trade prices we pride ourselves on making sure that all the electrical supplies we sell are extensively tested and are industry compliant. Looking for supplies ion order to meet a deadline? Then in get in touch with us to find out about our next day and same day delivery options.

Our range of electrical supplies includes:

  • 5mm twin and earth wire
  • 5mm twin and earth wire
  • 3 core flex
  • Sockets/switches
  • Extension leads
  • Site lamps
  • Wire clips

Building materials – bricks and blocks

A strong foundation is without a doubt critical to any build. That’s why at LBM we ensure that all our blocks are of good and premium quality so that you don’t suffer the problems caused by poor quality blocks. As leading independent supplier, you can be confidant that all our brick and blocks range has been tested through and through to ensure that you get the best quality.  Even the humble brick which we need to build the rest of the build has undergone tests to ensure it is of good quality. We also offer a brick matching service so that you can get the bricks of your choice to give your build that extra touch of uniqueness.

Our blocks and bricks range include

  • Concrete Blocks
  • Aerated Blocks
  • Paint Grade Blocks
  • Trench Blocks
  • Facing Bricks
  • Engineering Bricks
  • Common Bricks
  • Special Bricks
  • Lintels
  • Additives
  • Cement


The difference between a professional job and cow boy job is very small and can often be determined by the sealant used.  A good sealant will last for years and years if not indefinitely in some cases and a poor sealant will fall apart in the blink of an eye.

At LBM we are passionate about making sure that every product we supply is quality tested so that you can be confidant in making sure that when you buy from us you are buying quality that will make your job easier.

We offer a range of sealants and adhesives such as

  • Sanitary Sealants
  • Sealant Guns
  • Sealant Kits
  • Wood Adhesives
  • Building Sealants
  • Fire & Heat Sealants
  • Flooring Sealants
  • Grab Adhesives
  • High Strength Adhesives
  • Tile Adhesive & Grout
  • Wallpaper Adhesives
  • Weatherproof Sealants
  • Worktop Joint Sealants
  • Expanding Foam
  • Tapes

There’s a whole lot more, get in touch with us or pop into our yard.

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